Pity Party – No More!!

images-2 Do you ever wake up and just feel like the world is out to get you? It seems you can make no one happy? Everyone is pulling you in hundreds of directions? The harder you work, the deeper you get behind? You feel left out, not included, and just lonely – even in a group of people? Do you think if you are the nicest person and offer your help and really go out of your way for others – they will do the same? Then you get stomped on again and again. Do you let your mind start racing, start thinking all of these negative thoughts and you just start feeling worse. Well, I started my day off like that this morning. I was frustrated, sad, lonely, mad, feeling sorry for myself….you know that Self PITy that you go in. (Notice I capitalized the letters – PIT…we fall deep in that PIT of self-pity). I don’t even have anything wrong going on in my life…
I realized immediately what I was doing and so I tried to just breathe! I was going to post on Facebook a quote or scripture and I started looking at lots of positive uplifting thoughts. I was reading them faster and faster and really did start feeling better. I read them out loud, I thought and meditated over them. I found some scripture that was uplifting and even heard some praise songs. My mood was getting better. I was slowing climbing up the walls…I fell a few times when an email frustrated me or I heard others talking and laughing and I felt left out; but I was going to stop letting my mind go to the bottom of the pit again. I have always heard of the power of positive thinking but I guess I never really realize what power it can have.
As I grow older, I reflect a lot more on ways I could improve myself…I always know that I could start by not being so hard on myself. I am caring, compassionate, dependable, want to do my best always, am friendly, am worthy…wait – I am worthy. Surely I didn’t’ say that – but you know – my God gives me worth. He cared enough to pay the ultimate price of dying for me. He did that for me…and for you. So when you start your old stinking thinking – look up to God or get down on your knees. Read scripture, listen to praise music, read positive thoughts, surround yourself with positive people. Do NOT let your mind have the power to get you down…into the snake pit…of self-pity. Gosh – I am so blessed with a fabulous family, a great job with people I respect and admire; I am part of so many wonderful community groups and a great church. I am blessed! You have the POWER to change your mind from thinking negative to thinking positive.
In the Bible – David expressed when he felt times of being in the PIT. He shares in Psalm 40 and so many other places in Psalms. Psalm 40:2 He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. (He’s talking about God for those of you who don’t catch on.)
I also think about Daniel – who was thrown not only in a pit – but a lion’s pit. He came out smiling – praising God. He relied on God to get him through it. God didn’t let him down – he showed out!
So next time you start sliding into the pit – stop it. You have the power to do it – rely on your God. Change your thinking – the power is yours!quote-self-pity-is-our-worst-enemy-and-if-we-yield-to-it-we-can-never-do-anything-wise-in-the-world-helen-keller-358209

Love you lots…don’t you go have a pity party…..no more!



Who are you? Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody?


 I love this little fable (not sure who wrote it…) – I used to share it with my employees because we all knew that things needed to be done at work such as take out trash, organize files, etc; however it seemed like everybody always thought somebody else was going to do it and nobody did….it was always a task that anybody could have done.  Our society continues to wait for others to take action or do a chore or take care of something.  Why is that?  It is time that everybody does their part and then some!  We are always worried that we may not get as much or our fair share or that we may work harder than someone else.  I was raised to work smart, and work hard.  We have so many resources, tools, computers, etc that can “make our life easier…” well I find that often is makes my life harder and more disorganized.  It does make me feel like I don’t know who I am some-days


I hope that this blog will inspire you to be the “everybody” example and just do it – make a difference, share Jesus’ love or even take out the trash without being asked.  Quit waiting for somebody else to do it – you do it!  It is way better than nobody doing it!  Don’t you agree?

When you feel like you are a nobody – stop and think about it!  You can make a change – you can be a somebody that everybody will love!  I love this picture below because I think it really shows how special even nobody really is…



Galatians 6:3-5  New International Reader’s Version (NIRV)

If you think you are somebody when you are nobody, you are fooling yourselves. Each of you should put your own actions to the test. Then you can take pride in yourself. You won’t be comparing yourself to somebody else. Each of you should carry your own load.

I loved these verses today and it demonstrates my thoughts perfectly.  Everybody just do your part.  Be the first to step up and do something that anybody can do, but that you did!  Be proud and be the best that you can be….

This to help with your change…

Physical – Be the somebody that works out, eats healthy and encourages others

Mental – Don’t ever think of yourself as a nobody – you are definitely somebody – just figure out who.

Spiritual – Share the Word with Everybody you see and nobody will ever forget you!

Prayers for you as you figure out who you are!

Pray for me that I am somebody that can reach everybody to help them know that anybody is a nobody.  (Huh?…ha-ha)

Love ya,