I am “ME” again!

2015 was a blur for me…literally. I really had a hard year. I had so many health issues, my daughter and my mom had health issues, and I was just physically and mentally spent. One thing different than usual though – when I get completely ruined down – is that I didn’t feel spiritually spent this time. That is truly what got me through these rough times. I became closer to God and turned to him even more. I relied on him instead of myself and I made it through somehow! We forget how good God is to us and that we need to rely on him ALWAYS.

My favorite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:11   For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

How amazing is that – God has planned out my life – how can I go wrong? Well it is so easy to go wrong – I know – I do it all the time! I make plans without getting advice from God. I tell him what I am going to do instead of listening to him. It’s hard! I want him just to make it easy for me but I have learned that all the twists and turns and mistakes have made me stronger and my journey was planned that way.
So, I thought I would share about some of my struggles – maybe it will help you know my thoughts and my frame of reference. I hope that you can relate or know that others may feel the same way or made the same mistakes. I am so busy taking care of others that I don’t focus on myself and 2015, I just about fell apart. I knew I felt bad and something was wrong, but I kept trudging along. I had my mom and my daughter; both, that had more urgent health issues and I needed to be the caretaker. I had lots of work on my job that I needed to accomplish and I just couldn’t take the time. I had community and church things that were always pressing and needed my attention. I always put other things in front of taking care of myself. I thought I was being selfish if I took care of me! WOW – I learned the very hard way when I almost had a physical and mental breakdown. I knew all last year that I was depressed, not confident, jealous, and grumpy and even isolated myself at times (I am a PEOPLE person – so this was something new). I didn’t even understand who I was and that made me even more stressed! Who was this person inside my frail, worn out body? I had NO energy, had brain fog, just felt terrible all over! I ached from head to toe…I thought I was getting old and that was just how it was going to be for the rest of my life. You see – I am overweight, have mechanical heart valve, high blood pressure, bad knees and a variety of other issues and I just accepted the fact that this was supposed to be how I felt. I grabbed fast food or something for dinner because I had to have food for my family (I am the mom!) Of course I was too tired to cook – I was barely making it through the day. I literally was too tired to get out of my car and make it inside – but I usually did.  Do you think I worked out – well I had a fitness center membership and paid my dues – but I guess you have to go – huh?  I literally had no energy to workout or even walk the halls at work.   Why would I think this was normal? How STUPID is that?
When autumn came, I had hit rock bottom…I was too tired to keep going. I had convinced myself I had cancer and thought I had a stroke or TIAs. Oh yeah, my left hand and arm started tingling…and still hasn’t stopped. I got to where I was not even able to think, forgot things, missed meetings and was just not myself. Who was this person? What in the world was going on? Where was I? Who was I? This tortured me even more. I usually can write about my thoughts, feelings and am never at a loss for words but honestly – I was having trouble even saying words. I didn’t tell anyone except that I wasn’t feeling great. Finally, I went to the doctor – had tests and blood work. I mean a lot of tests and a lot of blood. I had several things physically wrong with me but the biggest thing was that I was completely depleted of Vitamin D. I was even taking a supplement because this time last year – it was low. Vitamin D – the “Sunshine” vitamin is so important and I never even thought about it! I started taking a prescribed Vitamin D as small as a Tic-Tac and it has made such a difference. I have a few other issues and am doing some procedures and Physical Therapy to improve other parts of my body but a simple little vitamin has changed my life. So why did I wait so long to take care of me? Why didn’t I realize that I couldn’t take care of others if I fell apart and in fact, they may have to care for me – what a burden I would be then!
So for 2016, I have found “me” again and I am happy! I like and love me! I am back to who I used to be. Now I am going to be the first to tell you – there are many areas that I need to improve but I am working hard on those every day! I am excited to be going into a new year and finding a better me at the end of the year!

Images and videos of who loves me
I encourage you to take care of yourself. Don’t miss all those warning signs. You are not supposed to feel bad, if you do, go see a doctor. Do something for yourself – it is the best investment you can make. Also, most important…listen to God and follow his plans…he knows the way and he will guide you.
I hope to hear from all of you as you start the New Year to find yourself!


Eat, Drink and be Merry and Get Healthy


I love food – every kind!  You could say it is my hobby…I eat when I am happy, stressed, mad, for enjoyment,well,  for every possible reason.  I love cooking, eating out, tasting new recipes, cooking family recipes…let’s facing…I am a foodaholic!! I have struggled over the years with eating right, working out and just getting healthy.  I have dieted, exercised and just can’t seem to stick with anything.  Last year I lost 43 lbs. and then stopped losing – no matter what I tried – I gave up…I gained it all back…why can’t I do this?  I am not a failure.  I am sure so many of you feel the same way – it’s yo-yo time!  Up and down with dieting, healthy living and exercise.  Usually we are so committed at first and then somehow we don’t have time, we don’t make time, we let other things come between us and taking care of ourselves – all good reasons we think – but if we are not around long enough – we will not be able to take care of these things.  I learned that it is ok to pray for yourself, to take care of yourself, to make time for exercise – you are not being selfish – you are trying to make sure you are going to be there for others for a much longer time!  

So once again, I tried to start about 4 weeks ago and I am eating so much better and I have lost 10 pounds.  I wanted to lose more and I wish it was coming off much faster but this time – I am having fun with it!  I have been craving Fried Chicken – one of my favorite foods.  Well – not exactly a healthy choice but today – I must say – I am very impressed with the best tasting “fried chicken” that I ever made.  I took some chicken breasts and flattened them and rolled them in crushed pistachios and drizzled them with honey and put some olive oil in a baking dish and baked them.  Not only were they beautiful – they tasted amazing!  I have found fabulous recipes and am being creative with our meals.  Why can’t eating healthy be fun?

I am praying and preparing to begin the Daniel Plan (from the Saddleback Church – Rick Warren’s church) for Lent beginning March 5 through April 17.  40 days to a Healthier Life.  Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus and Friends – sounds like a winning combination for me.  I hope you will think about joining me in this plan.  I am studying Daniel and looking at videos so that I can be ready when I start.  Pray for me that I can be completely committed during this 40 day period.  Let me know if you need my prayers and if you will join me.



1 Corinthians 10:31  Amplified Bible – So then, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you may do, do all for the honor and glory of God.

Connecting with you,



Actions Speak Louder Than Words

ImageWe have all heard the saying, “Actions Speaks Louder Than Words”, but what does it really mean?  It means that just because you say something doesn’t mean you understand or mean it.  The way that you act or treat others makes the most substantial impact.  Often when we discuss with our children to do something, like cleaning their room, they say OK and make promises to keep it clean in the future. Well, the next week comes around and there are towels in the floor, candy wrappers laying around, Qtips on the counter…I think you see the picture.  Promises are broken and sometimes, even forgotten they were made.  I know this is typical for most kids, but adults do the same thing. Friends make you promises and then don’t take time to follow through.  Why is that? 

In the Bible, Jesus says, “Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18NIV  

Jesus always backed up his words with his actions….Oh to be like him.  I strive everyday to be kind, generous, make good decisions but it just seems like I fail to often.  Action on our part is required to help out those in need and to demonstrate our love.  Maybe we take chicken noodle soup to a sick friend or we help someone move or we offer ride to church to kids that don’t have a way – these are all actions that speak volumes about who you are. When love is characterized by sacrificial giving of time, prayers, money or otherwise; this is when action really does speak loudly.  Saying the right thing but not doing anything to back it up – is empty, without impact.  You may have really lost someone’s trust when this happens.  So think about what you say, what you promise and make sure you plan to act on it.  Show me…don’t just tell me!


It is always good to provide kind and encouraging words to help a friend or family member; even a stranger. Sometimes all one needs in a time of trouble are the right words of encouragement. So, we, at little expense to ourselves, can just make a habit of simply being nice. That is a good rule of thumb to start putting into practice. Take time to just be nice and go out of your way to make a difference.  Little things are often big things to others!   Seems obvious enough that we should not even have to mention it. When caught up in our everyday busy routines, it becomes easy to turn ourselves off to much of what is going on around us. Which might cause us, for instance, to ignore an elderly person using a walker struggling to get groceries into their car. Who knows, they might also have a hard time driving, perhaps may even live in your neighborhood. All it would take is for us to walk over, help load the groceries and find out. Check in on them often, offer to help!  So much could happen, just because we sometimes decide to act like the God we claim to worship and believe in.Good things always seems to happen to people who do things for others.  They get blessed even more than the people they are blessing.  So I encourage you to go do something for someone today.  It can make a difference!


“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
Mahatma Gandhi

In Matthew 21:28-32 ESV 

Jesus shares about this very issue in Matthew 21:28-32 ESV version. “What do you think? A man had two sons. And he went to the first and said, ‘Son, go and work in the vineyard today.’ And he answered, ‘I will not,’ but afterward he changed his mind and went. And he went to the other son and said the same. And he answered, ‘I go, sir,’ but did not go. Which of the two did the will of his father?” They said, “The first.” Jesus said to them, “Truly, I say to you, the tax collectors and the prostitutes go into the kingdom of God before you. For John came to you in the way of righteousness, and you did not believe him, but the tax collectors and the prostitutes believed him. And even when you saw it, you did not afterward change your minds and believe him.

Jesus was saying – we make mistakes – but ask for forgiveness and make things right!  People can change.  Make sure you actions are speaking what you want them to say!


Connecting with you,


Learning to say NO!!



Well if you know me at all – you know that “NO” is not really a part of my vocabulary and I am sure you find it funny that I would dare write on this topic.  I agree – “My name is Leigh Christian, and I have a problem…saying NO!”  I have spent alot of time thinking about why this is such an issue for me and thought I would share my thoughts.  I am NO expert on this topic nor do I always heed my own advice but I am trying to understand and strive to do better.

Reasons that I (and yes – you) have trouble saying no are so numerous, but here are a few:

1.)  You don’t want to let anyone down.  You feel that you need to please them, help them, save them or something like that!  You feel if you don’t do whatever it is – whether it is bring snack, take everyone home, host the event, etc. – no one else will.  YOU and you alone are responsible for everyone’s happiness…

2.)  You don’t want to feel left out!  If you don’t participate and take care of things – you might not get asked the next time.  You sometimes feel that is the only reason people include you – because they know you will drive, you will pay or you will handle all th arrangements.You are scared you may burn bridges if you say “no” now. 

3.)You don’t want to be rude!  Sometimes you feel like you would hurt someone’s feelings if you said “no” to them. 

4.)  You really want to help!  There are so many great causes and you think you should support them all…from starving homeless kids, cancer research, save the whales…and the list goes on and on and on… It is so inspirational, respectful and just plain ole fun to participate and support worthy causes – just pick a few and commit to them.  You can’t be all things to all organizations and causes. 

5.)  You are afraid of conflict – you may make someone mad if you said “no” to them so you avoid saying it.  We all like to avoid conflict so we just do something because it is “easier”??  Really?  Just woman-up and say “NO”.

6.)  You fear that something exciting, award winning, the best moment of your life may happen if you participate so it is hard to say “no” just thinking that your lifelong dream might be achieved!

7.)  You want to be the one to prove that something can be done – you can raise the money, you can make things easier, you can inspire others…

Well – I have thought all those things so often.  I really don’t like to say “no” but I have learned that life does go on if I don’t kill myself to get something done, friends still are there if they are true friends, and if I don’t take care of myself then i won’t be around to say “yes” or “no” in the future.

So how can you (Yes and me) say “No” without feeling horrible.

1.  Say that you need to “prayerfully consider” before accepting the task.  One of my friends said that to me one time and I will never forget it.  I wasn’t mad – I respected her for saying that. Most of the time,  I jump into things head on sometimes and don’t even realize what else I may have on my plate. Often I have committed to too much and reach burn out!  Prayer is always the answer! 

John 5:30  The Voice (VOICE)

30 I have not ever acted, and will not in the future act, on My own. I listen to the directions of the One who sent Me and act on these divine instructions. For this reason, My judgment is always fair and never self-serving. I’m committed to pursuing God’s agenda and not My own.

2.  Say “no’ politely, just be honest…say that right now is not a great time because of other commitments but to check with you again.

3.  Suggest someone else that may just be looking for an opportunity to serve.  When you always step up – you are sometimes keeping someone else from receiving the blessing that they may have received. 

4.  Offer support, mentoring, suggestions, assistance but ensure that you don’t take on a role or commitment.  You can still show interest in the project, task or person…just don’t take it own for yourself. 

5.  Sometimes you just have to say “no”…for no other reason except you don’t want to do something, don’t have time, don’t believe in the cause or you are too tired.  Don’t beat yourself up!  It is ok – life will continue. 

So I will pray for you as you please pray for me.  Saying no is hard, but necessary to our own well-being. 

Connecting with you…

Connections Coach

Leigh Christian


Putting the Pieces Back Together…

Life breaks us all into little pieces. It damages us, but it’s how we glue those shards and pieces back together that make us stronger.


Sometimes things break.  Sometimes you get broken.  Life isn’t just wrapped up and tied with a perfect bow around it!  Despite all your hard work and great intentions, you can end up feeling like your life has shattered into millions of little pieces  – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially.  Lying on the floor, completely exhausted, feeling like such a failure…As you look around all you see are pieces.  Pieces of dreams, pieces of hopes, desires and successes; however there are pieces of hurt, frustration, desperation, anxiety and loss.  How can you pull all these pieces back together?

Ideas and plans often seem so perfect at the time you come up with them…they seem like that is what you should do, how you should go and what God has planned.  Somehow – things don’t always work out with those plans and as you pick yourself up, shaking your head, and wondering what you could have done differently, remember that it’s not over yet.  You can put the pieces back together.  It’s not easy stuff.  But it’s possible.  And when all you want is be whole again, the pieces matter.  Piece by piece – it goes together – better than ever!  So how can you piece the pieces together in the way that it will not fall apart again?  Think about putting a jigsaw puzzle together as you read my thoughts on putting your life back on track…talk to GOD FIRST!


1.  STOP!  Assess the pieces and what are the good pieces and what are the ones that don’t need to go back in.  This is a great time to lose those useless pieces, those things that cause frustrations, anxiety and don’t add to the overall picture of who you want to be. 

2. Determine what the easiest pieces are to put together and put them together first…like corner pieces/edge pieces of a puzzle.  These are you core values – what you stand for, what you would live and die for, and those things that make you who you are!  Don’t just think about your self when putting these pieces together – think about those around you that can help or that may need help.  

3.  Look at the completed picture and start piecing the pieces together.  It is so much easier if you have something to look at to fit the pieces together – like the outside of a puzzle box picture… Make goals, determine your plan, write it down, find pictures of what you see the outcome of your puzzle will be. 

4.  Get friends, family & coworkers to help you.  Sometimes you can stare at the pieces for so long that you don’t see where or how they fit.  I had to talk to my friend/trainer today and she helped me clear my vision and focus better.  We all need someone to guide us, support us and especially encourage us through those brain fog moments.  Surround yourself with people you trust.  Family, close friends — the people you lean on — those are the ones you need supporting you.  Find them.  Ask them for help.  Don’t be a cheater.  Do the hard work yourself.

5.  Keep working until all the pieces go together and there is a clear picture of who YOU really are!  Hard work and continuous progress every day! Do a little bit more to fix the mess that you are drowning in; build  momentum piece by piece by piece.  Don’t stop until you get the job done.  Frankly, most people stop too soon.  They stop putting the pieces back together because it’s a deeply emotional and draining process.  It takes guts and there’s no glory.  It’s just painful.  But it’s what delivers you the success that you want for yourself.  This is your chance to rebuild your life the way you want it.  You bring it closer each piece you put back together.  You heal yourself and fix your situation each day you keep working. Today matters and the pieces can still be lying where they are.  You can still be lying there beside them. Take that first step and move in the right direction.  There is hope…piece by piece… 

Connecting with you always.



Enjoy the Reese’s PIECES in your life – have some fun!

I love the way a Reese’s Pieces just melts in my mouth. 


I love the fall colors that brightens my day and I love how fun they are too eat!  I had several coincidences with them recently and it made me stop and think about having fun, enjoying life and appreciating what I have.  God wants us to enjoy life…there are several verses in the Bible that demonstrates this:

Ecclesiastes 9:7-10 (The Message)

7-10 Seize life! Eat bread with gusto,
Drink wine with a robust heart.
Oh yes—God takes pleasure in your pleasure!
Dress festively every morning.
Don’t skimp on colors and scarves.
Relish life with the spouse you love
Each and every day of your precarious life.
Each day is God’s gift. It’s all you get in exchange
For the hard work of staying alive.
Make the most of each one!
Whatever turns up, grab it and do it. And heartily!
This is your last and only chance at it,
For there’s neither work to do nor thoughts to think
In the company of the dead, where you’re most certainly headed.

Ecclesiastes 7:14  On a good day, enjoy yourself; On a bad day, examine your conscience. God arranges for both kinds of days So that we won’t take anything for granted.

God wants us to enjoy our life.  Find things that make you happy.  Don’t sweat the small things and stay positive.  Find true joy…don’t worry be happy!

I will share some things that make me truly happy – maybe it will give you some ideas…

Help other people – I always get blessed double for doing something that I love!

Make time for people –  Ask someone how they are doing, compliment them, make someone feel special.  Believe it or not – it makes you feel good too!

Encourage someone – when you are inspiring or encouraging others – you get inspired and encouraged.

Basically – to have fun, help others have fun….to enjoy your life….help others to enjoy theirs.  Blessings come to those who bless.


Connecting with you,


Shattered Pieces


Shattered Pieces – Shattered means to cause to break or burst suddenly into pieces as with a violent blow.  Have you ever had something rock your world unexpectedly?  You found out your spouse was cheating or you have cancer or your teenager is pregnant or something that just really turned your world upside down?  You felt like your mind, heart, body and soul was shattered into little pieces.  I think we have all had that experience at some point in our life or we have known someone that had an issue that just crushed us.  I love this verse in Jeremiah that talks about putting a “Band-Aid” on it and say things are not so bad.    We all know that if something is shattered – there is always a sliver of glass that will just keep poking at you, sticking you where you hurt the most and we just can’t see it. 

Jeremiah 6:13-15 The Message Bible

“Everyone’s after the dishonest dollar, little people and big people alike. Prophets and priests and everyone in between twist words and doctor truth. My people are broken—shattered!— and they put on Band-Aids, Saying, ‘It’s not so bad. You’ll be just fine.’ But things are not ‘just fine’! Do you suppose they are embarrassed over this outrage? No, they have no shame. They don’t even know how to blush. There’s no hope for them. They’ve hit bottom and there’s no getting up. As far as I’m concerned, they’re finished.” God has spoken.


I just want to remind you that when you are experiencing this in your life – just call out to God.  Just be honest and tell God every part of it.  Even if you made mistakes or created much of the issue yourself.  Listen as David cries out in Psalms 102. 

Psalm 102:1-2The Message Bible

[ A Prayer of One Whose Life Is Falling to Pieces, and Who Lets God Know Just How Bad It Is ] God, listen! Listen to my prayer, listen to the pain in my cries. Don’t turn your back on me just when I need you so desperately. Pay attention! This is a cry for help! And hurry—this can’t wait!

I have shared this verse with you recently but I just have grown so fond of it.  Here is Jeremiah’s prayer – he was so honest and so forthright to God.  Why can’t we talk to God like this? 

Jeremiah 17:14-18

God, pick up the pieces. Put me back together again. You are my praise! Listen to how they talk about me: “So where’s this ‘Word of God’? We’d like to see something happen!” But it wasn’t my idea to call for Doomsday. I never wanted trouble. You know what I’ve said. It’s all out in the open before you. Don’t add to my troubles. Give me some relief! Let those who harass me be harassed, not me. Let them be disgraced, not me. Bring down upon them the day of doom. Lower the boom. Boom!

I want to caution you if you are helping someone else who’s life has been shattered into pieces – don’t let yourself be cut by a sliver of their problems.  It is so easy to get caught up into a child’s problem or with healthcare of someone that you neglect taking care of yourself.  Many times it is those hidden tiny things that can destroy you.  Watch out for those shattered pieces. 


Connecting with you,