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Change means so many different things to different people. Often, change is thought of in a negative way. I like to think of the word “change” in a positive renewing way. Change can be a noun or a verb; and … Continue reading

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I am “ME” again!

2015 was a blur for me…literally. I really had a hard year. I had so many health issues, my daughter and my mom had health issues, and I was just physically and mentally spent. One thing different than usual though … Continue reading

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I Want What You Have..

Do you find yourself wanting things your friends have…happy involved family, perfect figure, tons of time and energy, exotic vacations they take or even material things like cars, houses, etc.? I will be honest – I do! I really didn’t … Continue reading

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Enjoy the Reese’s PIECES in your life – have some fun!

I love the way a Reese’s Pieces just melts in my mouth.  I love the fall colors that brightens my day and I love how fun they are too eat!  I had several coincidences with them recently and it made … Continue reading

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Chess Pieces in the Game of Our Life…

CHECKMATE!   That word means so much when you are playing Chess.  If you say it – it means you have won, you have trapped the king and it can’t move.  It is a great feeling and it was the goal … Continue reading

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Puzzle Pieces of our Lives

Do you remember sitting around a table with all the pieces of a puzzle scattered and seeing the picture on the box and thinking – this will never come together like that.  Most of us start with the corner pieces … Continue reading

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Quilt Pieces of our lives

Have you ever really looked at a quilt and all the material used in each one?  I remember my granny had quilts and I remember some of the pieces were from her dresses, curtains, tablecloths in her house.  The quilt … Continue reading

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