Putting the Pieces Back Together…

Life breaks us all into little pieces. It damages us, but it’s how we glue those shards and pieces back together that make us stronger.


Sometimes things break.  Sometimes you get broken.  Life isn’t just wrapped up and tied with a perfect bow around it!  Despite all your hard work and great intentions, you can end up feeling like your life has shattered into millions of little pieces  – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially.  Lying on the floor, completely exhausted, feeling like such a failure…As you look around all you see are pieces.  Pieces of dreams, pieces of hopes, desires and successes; however there are pieces of hurt, frustration, desperation, anxiety and loss.  How can you pull all these pieces back together?

Ideas and plans often seem so perfect at the time you come up with them…they seem like that is what you should do, how you should go and what God has planned.  Somehow – things don’t always work out with those plans and as you pick yourself up, shaking your head, and wondering what you could have done differently, remember that it’s not over yet.  You can put the pieces back together.  It’s not easy stuff.  But it’s possible.  And when all you want is be whole again, the pieces matter.  Piece by piece – it goes together – better than ever!  So how can you piece the pieces together in the way that it will not fall apart again?  Think about putting a jigsaw puzzle together as you read my thoughts on putting your life back on track…talk to GOD FIRST!


1.  STOP!  Assess the pieces and what are the good pieces and what are the ones that don’t need to go back in.  This is a great time to lose those useless pieces, those things that cause frustrations, anxiety and don’t add to the overall picture of who you want to be. 

2. Determine what the easiest pieces are to put together and put them together first…like corner pieces/edge pieces of a puzzle.  These are you core values – what you stand for, what you would live and die for, and those things that make you who you are!  Don’t just think about your self when putting these pieces together – think about those around you that can help or that may need help.  

3.  Look at the completed picture and start piecing the pieces together.  It is so much easier if you have something to look at to fit the pieces together – like the outside of a puzzle box picture… Make goals, determine your plan, write it down, find pictures of what you see the outcome of your puzzle will be. 

4.  Get friends, family & coworkers to help you.  Sometimes you can stare at the pieces for so long that you don’t see where or how they fit.  I had to talk to my friend/trainer today and she helped me clear my vision and focus better.  We all need someone to guide us, support us and especially encourage us through those brain fog moments.  Surround yourself with people you trust.  Family, close friends — the people you lean on — those are the ones you need supporting you.  Find them.  Ask them for help.  Don’t be a cheater.  Do the hard work yourself.

5.  Keep working until all the pieces go together and there is a clear picture of who YOU really are!  Hard work and continuous progress every day! Do a little bit more to fix the mess that you are drowning in; build  momentum piece by piece by piece.  Don’t stop until you get the job done.  Frankly, most people stop too soon.  They stop putting the pieces back together because it’s a deeply emotional and draining process.  It takes guts and there’s no glory.  It’s just painful.  But it’s what delivers you the success that you want for yourself.  This is your chance to rebuild your life the way you want it.  You bring it closer each piece you put back together.  You heal yourself and fix your situation each day you keep working. Today matters and the pieces can still be lying where they are.  You can still be lying there beside them. Take that first step and move in the right direction.  There is hope…piece by piece… 

Connecting with you always.