I’ve had better days…

What a bad day….my daughter hasn’t felt good, I barely got to work because I was busy taking care of her. I’m sure work wonders what I did all day….I had a trade show but really didn’t get to work it…sigh.. the toilet is stopped up, my daughter is crying and upset and won’t swallow a pill, I didn’t get to work out, and the list just goes on and on… I hate when I have a day where everything goes wrong…I wish Calgon would take me away….if only…. We all have had those days.
So I decided to just pray….and pray some more…..I can’t fix all my troubles today. I need God in a big way! Thank goodness he will listen…most friends don’t want to have someone with this many issues..my issues are so trivial compared to the weather issues, the economy issues and friends that are sick….I need God. I’ll keep you posted…..and keep me in your prayers.



So can you stand on one foot and balance? I use to be able to do that on a balance beam….a little piece of wood…but not now…I can’t even hold my balance standing on the floor with one foot up. How did my life get so out of balance? How did I let myself get so out of shape…physically, mentally, financially, emotionally and spiritually? It’s pretty easy to do but not easy to recover…

When I finally decided to do something it was hard to know where to start. I knew I needed to exercise but I didn’t want to be seen in yoga pants and workout clothes…how embarrassing. I decided just to wear some sweatpants and big tshirt so when I walked in to the fitness center, I wouldn’t be too out of place. Interestingly enough, there were those buff guys, those healthy perfect shaped gals, but there were people like me…people who were awkward, just trying to get started, and everyone seemed to fit in perfectly. It was a balance of all types…I wasn’t alone in my battle.

As I worked out over the last few weeks, ate healthy, people started noticing the difference in me. I am a changed person…inside and out. I really believe that anyone that wants to get healthy, to lose weight or to begin exercise, they have to get some other things worked out. They need to start with their mind, make sure to talk through your plan with someone. Accountability is key! Pray about it. I thought I was being selfish to pray about myself but I realized that it is important and also be specific. I prayed for healing in my body, mind and soul. I felt it. Ask others to pray…there is nothing like the power of prayer. The next step is BIG…..as Nike always says…”just do it!” It is hard but you will not regret it. The more you get out there, the more you feel like getting out there…every day is a little better….every day is a little lighter…I actually have enough energy to exercise…haha before I was too out of shape. I found the cardio that I like…a stationary bike…not the best machine for all but perfect for me! I go by every day…working up to ten miles daily…I am doing it! You can too! Find a balance of diet, exercise, God and you will succeed. Don’t be scared you are going to fail…you probably will have ups and downs, just keep going, keep striving, keep believing….

The good, the bad and the ugly!

So I am feeling great, I am inspiring others and life is good….I went to my cardiologist today and he was so proud of me…he even asked about my diet….what??? I am giving health advice to my doctor? Wowww that was a really great feeling…..he thought enough of what I was doing that he wanted to do that too! Funny thing…I mentioned my Emmaus walk and he told me that he just worked one in the last few weeks….that was so cool! His nurse is going to come to workout with me….this day is great!

So I go to work out..and my daughter got on my bike that I like to ride….so I got on the treadmill…yuck!! I walked about ten minutes and really wasn’t feeling that great! My ear was hurting and I felt very nauseous….I think this is the devil trying to discourage me..so I started to talk to my daughter and I thought I stopped the machine….no I didn’t….I ended up rolling off the back and falling in the floor….how embarrassing! After a few bumps and bruises and a bruised ego….I got up and got on the bike…I rode for my four miles and then I worked out through the nausea and pain. Sarah, my trainer kept encouraging me and I kept working. I can’t hold my balance well, I can’t do much but I am trying and I am going to continue…hope you will join the journey with me to good health and exercise and a better life!

Wow! I am doing what I thought was impossible

Philippians 4:13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength. NIVEN

I have always loved this Bible verse but I’m not sure I always believed it. Even with God backing me, I don’t know that I really thought I could get healthy. I had really gotten down and out because it seemed like there was always some major health issue that I had..I really never thought I could be healthy. I did seek help as you have read in my earlier blogs and believe it or not it was through God. I needed physical, mental, emotional and spiritual help. I realized I needed God to lead me and I turned to him. I prayed and I meditated on my healing. I went and worked out and I also prayed for strength. I read the Bible and sought Gods will for me. I was amazed at how well I was doing! The more I worked out, the better I felt to work out again. I try to go daily now for something….cardio, weights and working out with trainer, and yoga. I had progressed great with my exercise so now I needed to diet. I know that is a four letter word that I hate! I have tried LA weight loss and was the biggest loser the first week…then was allergic to the products. I did the cabbage soup diet but I liked to taste it so too much sodium, I tried Atkins and South beach and bought all kinds of things to do those diets…started getting headaches….oh there is no diet that I can do and really stick to it. I need to have a healthy enjoyable lifestyle. I love food and I have really great taste buds…they love marvelous tastes interacting to create that perfect bite. I don’t want to eat salad all the time…diets are no fun!

It was time I got help. I attended the Nutrition boot camp at Empire Fitness….Sarah my trainer was leading it. We met for the first time and we got measured and weighed and pinched (to determine body fat)… And we started talking about what to eat and what not and why. Basically we were to cut out starches, sugars and dairy….wait no pasta, no cheese…..nope I can’t do it! Well I thought I would give it a try…I bought fresh veggies and fresh fruit and meat….I got almonds to snack on, sunflower seeds, beef jerky….hey that sounds ok. I made it through the first week and I didn’t cheat…maybe I can do this…..I did great and lost weight and inches…..wow! Each week…we learned more, we got measured and weighed and I felt encouragement from the group and especially from Sarah. It has been 6 weeks and I have only had one cheat bite…I have had no cravings, no headaches, I am cooking good things and I am loving what I eat. I have people ask me daily about food and exercise…like I am an expert…I think I have inspired others to get out there and do something…don’t just sit around saying you don’t have energy or time. I promise…take little steps, get a support system in place, pray and ask God for strength and he will help guide you. God is so good. I CAN do all things through him that gives me strength….and so CAN you.

I can do it so I know you can!

So my workouts began, cardio, weights, maybe some classes…wait is this my blog? I never dreamed that I would be writing about exercise. Funny thing…I am feeling so much better. I look forward to going to the gym and even though I am so nervous and know that I must look pretty embarrassing sometimes…I am still trying and that is huge!

So I decided to try yoga because it looked pretty easy…well power yoga is pretty intense but I love it. No I can’t do some of those moves but I am able to do many of them. Long ago in my younger days, I would have been competitive and try to be the most flexible, now I am proud just to be going through the moves. Each week, I try a little harder and I get a little better. My knees hurt so much after the first time, now they barely hurt. I am pretty flexible and I am making great progress. I am sweating in this yoga class and it feels good. I really focus on me and breathing so it is an hour of complete concentration on mind and body. Sarah the instructor is tough but has a great calming voice and she helps us reach our potential. She also plays soothing Christian music and it is a time I feel close to God. I pray and meditate….what could be better than that?

So I know if I can get out there with all my issues, I know you can to…so what are you waiting for? Don’t worry what others think…just focus on what you can do and do it to the best of your ability! Hope you will share with me.

My Trainer

So I know that God put Sarah my trainer and bestie in my life the moment I met her. I felt God at the moment we were introduced….this was his crazy plan….me who is so out of shape spiritually, physically and mentally and this beautiful, most muscular healthy person who is such a Godly person too. God don’t you know we just aren’t the right type of friend for each other? I decided to go visit her gym…oh forgot to mention she owns Empire Fitness. I thought I would ride a little bike, do a few machines….it would be a step in the right direction. Sarah and God had other plans…so I decided to get Sarah to personally train me…what could it hurt? Haha….my entire body of course!! She immediately walked over to the weights and I was like ” Sarah, I don’t do weights….remember I have bad knees, ankles, mechanical valve in my heart….oh and I just don’t do weight lifting”. I think she didn’t hear me because she handed me some little 10 lb. weights and got me to put the over my head…well I couldn’t back out now…..so I better do it. Doesn’t sound like much but it was a victory for me….I did it! I did several other types of weights….squats and a little bench press and I can’t believe this…I liked it! Sarah was exactly what I needed…someone to push me out of my comfort zone…someone to encourage me when I needed it and when I thought I needed to quit. Wowww!

When I went for my first session, I was really struggling to get around…or to even get up and down. She made me stand up and sit down and then she added weights…does she not understand….I am not comfortable getting up and down…oops I even fell off the bench once…oh well at least I’m trying I guess. My daughter, Katy really didn’t even want me to do this training. I think she would have been embarrassed. She and two of her friends went with me to the gym but they decided to go shopping instead of watching me. When they came back, I was doing abdominal crunches and Sarah was there pushing and encouraging….Katy was excited and even said…”mom she is tough but she is still making sure you do only what you can! I like her…. So now Katy, my 13 year old skinny minny trains with Sarah trying to build her abs and loves it!

So the rest of the story to follow, all I can say is just get out there and try. No one cares what you look like if you are trying. I am proud I took that first lunge ( wait…I hate lunges) toward a better me.
My whole family and many friends have started doing more…..and that is why I am feeling so good and so inspired.

Let’s get started

So such a GOD thing happened…I met some of the most precious wonderful friends at my spiritual retreat and I felt encouraged that I could actually make some changes. God’s plan was so much better than mine. Knowing that people are praying for you and care that you do follow through and stay close to God gave me the courage to seek out spiritual small group and a place to work out and get started with my changes.